OR PCT 2014

Sept. 13. 2014

The stars were all in full splendor last night; there are advantages to cowboy camping. Breaking down camp is also quite simple. Had breakfast and were on the trail by 6:15. Had an early morning encounter with a hiker who was on a fast pace. He was trying to make it to the well known brunch at Timberline lodge. The brunch is a highpoint of eating places for the Northbound hikers. We made it to the trail head a little ahead of Molly. When she arrived she not only brought us our boxes but also a variety of fruit and pastries. Wendy’s son suggested that she bring a 6 pack as well. None of us wanted a beer this early in the morning, but a British thru hiker stopped and was glad to accept one. Molly is a 5 star trail angel. Shortly after 11, we were once again on our way. Hiking towards us were an older sister and brother who were doing Oregon as a section hike. They were accompanied by Thumbs Up who was doing the entire hike. Thumbs Up asked us our names. Wendy was first and said her name. Thumbs up immediately said to Donna, you must be Peter Pan. And so that is how I came by my trail name. When someone names you, it is not a given that you will keep that name. I thought that I would give it a go for awhile, but in a dream that I had tonight I was flying. Alright then, my name is Peter Pan.  Stopping at Timothy Lake for a swim was quite refreshing. We were joined by several other folks when they saw what fun we were having. Tonight we plan on camping at the Clackamas campground.  We arrived there by 6:30. This was the weekend and most of the sites were full. Our neighbors partied most of the night, so morning brought relief that we could be on our way back into quiet.The campground host did not charge for the night because we were hikers.

Mileage hiked15 miles-Clackamas campground