OR PCT 2014

Sept. 12, 2014

Our camp’s name is called Scout camp. We crossed Sandy River today, most people will camp here in order to check out the river before crossing it. During its flooding season it can be quite dangerous and people have lost their lives trying to cross it. That is not the case today as the river is running quite low. We have also been told about a log crossing that we found last night before going to bed. It is quite doable and we are able to cross the river without getting our feet wet.  After the crossing the trail heads up towards Mt. Hood. We walk thru numerous blueberry bushes, enjoying the sweet taste. The birds are numerous in this area as well, eating the berries of the Mountain Ash trees. We take a break at a high meadow and soak our feet again. Before too long we see Timberline Lodge and Wendy seeks out coffee for Don and herself. Alas none is to be had. Wendy makes a call to Molly confirming our resupply date and to have her bring in a different tent. We are off again within the hour and head down a very sandy volcanic ash trail to Barlow Pass.  Arriving at the highway, we once again miss the trail sign and walk in the wrong direction. When we realize our mistake, it is time to turn around and retrace our steps. Once back on track we are glad to be on a flat trail and able to move efficiently. We hiked into the night and when it came time to camp, the choices were few. The result was cowboy camping (no tent) next to the trail. We figured due to the late hour that all hikers would be at their destination, but that was not the case. About an hour after we had been in our sleeping bags, we hear and then see a headlight coming down the trail. It is a weekender hiker trying to get to a nearby lake. He appreciates that we are here and can tell him the location of the trail. Tomorrow we plan to meet Molly.

Mileage hiked 16 miles-near trail junction of Twin Lakes