OR PCT 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

The stars and moon made the evening sky bright. The night was also alive with the sound of bugling elk. Donna spooked a large elk on the trail. We stopped to have lunch at Ollie Lake where we were able to fill our water containers. Before the trip started we had planned our resupply locations. They are all being brought to us except for one. Therefore we pace ourselves to not have a long wait at any trail head.  With this in mind we plan to stop at Upper Lake. We arrive here mid afternoon and take advantage of the sun to take baths and wash our dirty clothes. The rest of the afternoon is spent reading and relaxing. At dusk we are visited by a flock of Juncos that take baths along the shore edge. Tomorrow we should start seeing Mt. Jefferson.

Mileage Hiked 13 Miles- Upper Lake