OR PCT 2014

Sept. 16, 2014

We were up at 5 and had breakfast before we started out.  We met two men at Britenbush Lake who offered Wendy and Don salmon with eggs. Donna enjoyed several pieces of fruit. Don and Wendy had left their packs at the trail junction at the lake. Donna had left hers on so the plan was to meet at the nearby spring. I (Donna) waited there, but alas they did not show in a reasonable amount of time. I did a quick search and realized that they had missed the turn to the spring and were hiking away from it. By this time Wendy also had second thoughts and so Don and Wendy grabbed their water bottles and headed back. We reunited and headed toward the Mt Jefferson area. First we passed through some lava fields before heading into some unique rock formations In the higher elevations. The flowers were past their peak but as we dropped down into the lower elevations the flowers were quite plentiful and in many shades of color. We arrived at Milk Creek about 4:30.  All the creeks are quite low and we have been able to avoid getting our feet wet during all of the crossings. Tonight's campsite is made up of numerous sites usually each having a fire ring. We can envision this spot being filled with thru hikers during August.

Mileage hiked 15 miles -Milk Creek