OR PCT 2014

Sept. 18, 2014

We were up at 5:30, but waited for full light before hiking. Hunters are around and we do not want to be mistaken for any wildlife. Similar to last night, the sun was a large orange orb as it rose in the morning sky. As we moved away from the lake Three Finger Jack came into view. A subdued light brought out the many layered colors. We all agreed that some of the colors reminded us of red velvet cake. By the time we reached the highest point of today’s trail the temperature dropped and clouds started covering the mountain.  As we started our descent the entire mountain was covered. A light rain is being blown horizontally by the wind. It is more like a mist so rain gear is not needed.  Don had the best wildlife sighting today when a curious weasel took the opportunity to check him out. We were at Santiam Pass by mid afternoon. Tomorrow morning, Bruce, Wendy’s brother is bringing us our resupply. The trailhead has no water, but trail angels have left several gallons of water there for hikers to use.  We take some and will replace it when Bruce brings water tomorrow. It looks like it might rain, so after searching for a spot we find one where horses have been tied, there is room for both our tents. Here comes the rain, a downpour in fact. Glad we are set up. We cook under the vestibules of the tents and then make a plan for the next several days.

Mileage hiked 15 miles -Santiam Pass