OR PCT 2014

Sept. 19, 2014

Our morning was casual as we read, eat and drink water. There is an eleven mile dry stretch coming up after we get our food so we are doing the camel technique.  Bruce arrives and we do the organization of the food.  Wendy readjusts her amounts and sends some back with Bruce. We on the other hand, keep all of ours. It was good meeting Bruce and we thank him for delivering food and water. Mt. Washington is in the view today. We approach it and then hike around it. We meet two ladies that are just hiking this section to Santaim Pass. They advise us that soon we will be in the lava rock section and it is best hiked in good light. More burned out forests await us and then we see the lava rocks. There are as described, a jumble of rocks with unstable footing. We find a spot where we can put down our sleeping bags only. There is no room for tents.

Mileage hiked-12 miles before lava rocks