OR PCT 2014

October 1, 2014

Lots of frost as we rose early this morning.  Wendy was quite cold and started hiking right away to warm up, lighting the trail with her headlamp . The ground is frozen solid. No water stress for a while as the streams are numerous.  The hike today takes us through an area that recently had been closed because of fire. There are still signs on the trees warning of the closure. We were relieved to see the most recent sign; Trail Open, proceed with caution and beware of falling trees. The smell of smoke is still strong. An alternative trail gives us the opportunity to avoid a section of burned forest.  We descend into the Sky lakes Wilderness Area. It is a popular area in the summer, but not so now.  It also is known for an abundance of mosquitoes which the cold weather has eliminated for us. It is a beautiful trail that meanders around beautiful blue lakes. We are hiking close together today as there are many side options. We are glad to be camped near Red Lake tonight. The sun is warm during the day. but once it sets the temperature drops fast..

Mileage hiked 18 miles- Red Lake