OR PCT 2014

Sept. 30, 2014

A cold night with frost on the fly when we get up.  Last night we heard geese flying overhead. They were obviously flying above us in circles and honking. In the morning a lone goose was in the campground.  We wondered if they were trying to make contact with it.  We tried taking a shortcut to the trailhead , but it was in vain as we eventually had to turn around and go back a longer way. Our packs were heavy today with a full ration of food and water because once again a long stretch had no water available. The first water we came to called Honeymoon creek was nasty, only to drink in desperation.Within a mile though we were happy to find 3 creeks with good looking water. We are at a higher elevation and it is cold. Shortly after eating we were in our sleeping bags doing some exercises to warm up.

Mileage hiked 20 miles-mile past Honeymoon creek