OR PCT 2014

October 5, 2014

We were up before dawn, but wanted to wait until first light before beginning to start hiking.  We also have decided to hike the road to highway 66. It is the first day of hunting season and a lot of hunters are camping at the campground. The excitement of the hunt abounds. The road hike shortens the travel by 3 miles and we arrive to our destination early.  Jeff had planned to meet us for lunch, but we’re able to make a call to him and change it to a late breakfast. The Green Mountain Inn is a popular eating location. We miss the breakfast rush and by the time Jeff arrives we are seated quickly. It does not take us long to reorganize our food bags and send Jeff back on his way to finish his last year of college.  The aspens are in full yellow color as we start down our last section of the Oregon PCT. We pass several hunting camps before arriving at a 5 star scenic campsite. No water, but the view makes carrying the water here all worthwhile. The moon was almost full and Mt. Shasta filled the horizon to the South.  As night progressed the valley was filled with the twinkling lights of civilization. 

Mileage hiked 10 miles- Near Pilot Rock