OR PCT 2014

October 6, 2014

We were up predawn and ate cold cereal and an apple. There are lots of lights on the horizon. As we round the bend to the other side of the ridge, the lights of Ashland appear. Not sure where our next water is going to be so we are being water conservative. This part of the trail includes a lot of downhill, newly made trail and a lot of private property signs. We are glad that the PCT organization works well with landowners to permit hikers to cross their land. We have seen Interstate 5 from the distance and soon we are walking under it on our way to Callahans. Callahans is a popular stop for the thru hikers. For a reasonable fee one can camp on the grass in front of the hotel and take advantage of the facilities. Not planning to do that, though, we stop for a chocolate milkshake. It was only 9:30 in the morning and our request was a bit of a challenge for the staff, but eventually it was delivered to our table and enjoyed to the last drop.  We filled our water containers and started the steep climb to Mt. Ashland. The sun was beating down on us and the predicted temperature was to be in the 90’s. The Ashland Inn is no more, but the new owners have left a water faucet and picnic table near the trail. A sign welcomes hikers to take advantage of the water. Thanks! The trail goes thru the Mt. Ashland ski area, which did not even open last year due to no snow. We arrive at Grouse Gap Shelter around 4 and look for the water source. Once again it has gone dry. Fortunately, there is a man in a camper here and he offers us a gallon of water. Don is nursing a blister.

MIleage hiked 19 miles Grouse Gap Shelter