OR PCT 2014

October 7, 2014

We are camped on granitic soil tonight. The moon is almost full so even when it is past sunset we are getting some light from the moon. During the night the Coyotes serenade us with their song.  Our big event of the day was reaching the CA/OR border.  Alas, the camera decided to stop working and we must now rely on our memories to mark this milestone.  The border is out in the middle of the wilderness so one either has to hike back to Ashland or continue on to Siead Valley.  We are going to continue on. At the border is a register.  It is fun to read names and comments of hikers we have met.  We have not seen any hikers in the last two days. We continue on into CA and stop at Sheep Camp Springs.  We are not disappointed here as the water is flowing nice and cool out of a pipe,  We leave here with full water capacity. Once we drop into CA we are joined by the cows.  A lot of cows, in fact, with some wearing bells. They have made a mess of some of the water so we are glad that we filled up with water at the spring. We had planned on camping at one of the creeks, but arriving there we changed our minds as the cows had made their presence well known.  We finally made it to Bear Creek, the water was coming from a descent flowing stream and there were not as many cow signs. We boiled the water well and ate our dinner. Our hike will soon be coming to a close. We have enjoyed being in the moment, just thinking about the basics of food, water and shelter. We have enjoyed being in God’s creation. We have enjoyed meeting the other hikers and hearing their stories. We are not ready to end, more hiking in the future is in the plan.

Mileage hiked-19miles- Bear Ground Spring