OR PCT 2014

Sept. 21, 2014

After a hot breakfast we were on the trail by first light. Today’s hike was mostly thru green and quite refreshing forests. It was such a contrast to all the burned forests we have hiked thru. Lots of ups and downs today.  One long and very hot section was walking thru the Wiki Plains. In years long ago, native Americans would come here and set up their Tipis. We all made good use of our umbrellas hiking this section. At a trail junction I met 3 horseback riders, we chatted and then they headed down the trail, I was waiting for Don and Wendy at the trail junction. About 5 minutes later the horse folks returned and said they had some oranges for all of us. It was a great treat. Again, we are on the lookout for water. We had no idea that Oregon was such a dry state. One book that we are carrying has no mention of a stream that we find. Great, let’ s camp here. It is a good thing that we do, because as soon as dinner is over and we are in our tents, the thunder starts. Soon a hard rain follows. We begin a ditch digging maneuver to keep our bags dry. It mostly works and the rain is short-lived.

Mileage hiked 18 miles- near elk creek cut off