OR PCT 2014

Sept. 20,2014

Good night for stargazing, but when we woke up, our down bags were quite damp. Our only option was to stuff them wet and hope that we will get some sun later today. Don is now officially called Big Foot. He has been wearing his size 14 Hokas and they leave an impressive footprint. So now we are Peter Pan, Bigfoot and Two Bandanas. The trail weaves its way thru boulder strewn lava. There was a lot of effort put into this section of trail. Our pace slows as we are careful how we step. At a high point to the North, we can see Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, Three Finger Jack and Mt. Washington, to the south it is the Three Sisters. We have been enjoying seeing how far we have hiked and gotten an idea of the terrain to come. At the end of the lava fields trail is Lava Camp campground. The sun is out and we need to dry some gear and do some laundry, The lake provides us with this option. Back to the trail after lunch which I am sure made the local critter residents sad. One of us had to stay on protect the food bag mode while here. Our next landmark is Obsidian Falls. We know we are getting close as we start to see large chunks of black shiny rocks.  We also are on the lookout for a spring touted as one of the best on the trail. There it is! Seeping up from the ground is a pool of clear cold delicious tasting water. A park ranger is stationed nearby to make sure no one camps by the spring or the falls. He checks our permits and advises us that he feels that the water at the spring does not need to be treated. We admire the falls and then go a mile farther to find a camp in a meadow, 

Mileage hiked 16 miles-1 mile past Obsidian Falls