OR PCT 2014

Sept. 23, 2014

After yesterday’s hike we were all feeling a bit tired. Lots of uphill hiking today. Our pace was noticeable slower and were hiking at our own pace today. When we come to a junction we usually wait for the others.  Today’s trail was part of a nordic trail system.  A large winter cabin was near the trail. Had there been a water source nearby, we would have called it home. Instead we checked it out and planned to meet at the next lake. I got there first and then Wendy. We had thought that Don was in the middle, but somehow Wendy has passed him and Don had not realized it and was waiting for her near the cabin.  Eventually we see him walking down the trail and are happy to be a threesome again. We are camped near a climbing area tonight. Our site has a rock table and benches. There are interesting footprints on the trail, almost as big as Don’s with a distinctive pattern.

Mileage Hiked 16 miles-Rosary Lake