OR PCT 2014

Sept. 24, 2014

As usual, we are up early and looking forward to getting to Shelter Cove Resort on Odell Lake. The rain started falling and was coming down hard enough to get us wet by the time we reached the road taking us into the resort.  Our food boxes were waiting for us.  Don had dropped them off in early Sept, before we began our hike. We are able to take showers and do laundry.  There is a special site for PCT hikers a bit removed from the main camp. A large tree has left a somewhat dry spot that we can set up our tent under. It is a great choice as by morning we are surrounded by puddles.  We meet Ferdinand and Dangit. They are hiking the entire PCT this summer, however, due to fires they flipped in northern CA and are now heading south. We also meet the owner of the distinct footprints. Her name is Theresea and like every one we have met she has a story to tell. She started at the WA /OR border. Before reaching Santiam Pass she was hiking at night and heard a loud noise.  She assumed it was a bear and took off running, dropping her pack in the woods. She ran into a tree and thinks that she knocked herself out. When she returned to look for her pack she could not find it. She hitched to Bend, OR and reoutfitted. She seems to be a bit ill prepared in both gear and food. Wendy convinces her to buy some rain gear at the camp store. A lot of fisherman are catching Kokanee (land locked salmon) in the lake. We hang out on the covered deck of the resort to do some trail planning before heading back to camp. It has been a nice change of pace today.

Mileage Hiked 6 miles - Shelter Cove