OR PCT 2014

Sept. 29, 2014

We have a leisurely breakfast as it is a short hike today. Jeff is bringing our food boxes and he will not get there until later in the day. We all reflect on the sunset from last night that left the trees turning a fiery red. We make our way to Mazama Campground and set up our tents.  Theresa is here and we are glad to see she has made it. She has been given the trail name of "Bear Bait". The last section of trail has not been as dusty as the previous ones so the urgency to shower is not as great. We do, however, and it feels good, so do our clean clothes that got washed. Donna’s and Wendy’s shoes are developing serious holes. Our tent pole snapped today, the repair sleeve works and it is functional. Jeff is bringing some shoe goo so are hoping that will help with the shoes. Don is getting a blister so a short hiking day is good.  We see Jeff walking down the road to our tent, he arrived earlier than expected. He brings all the requested items, plus a treat from our Alaskan friend Ellie. She has sent some crunch carrots from her garden. They taste marvelous!.  Before Jeff takes off, we eat at the nearby lodge. It is a treat to sit down inside, especially since it is pouring rain outside.

Mileage hiked 4 miles- Mazama Campground