WA PCT 2015

Sept. 14, 2015


It was our standard wake up time of 5. Stargazer was eating in the next tent, as we started out. We passed several tents that still had sleeping occupants. A sighting of a varied thrush caused us pause in our movement. Several hunters were also up early so we were glad when there was good light. We met Daddy Long Legs and Pantywaist. She had hiked the whole trail and her boyfriend had met her in Bend, OR. Lunch was at a small island surrounded by mostly low-lying ground due to the water level. Shortly afterward we came upon Stargazer who was sitting eating a protein bar. One could tell from his posture that this had not been a good day. His wife is meeting him tonight at the road head so he is motivated to get there. He is committed to finishing, but the hike is no longer enjoyable. The trail is quite rocky as we near our camp for the night. It seems that it was rerouted and had not been worked on. Fortunately it is not for a long distance. Several times towards the end of today's hike we have seen or heard the road noise of the interstate. After being in Northern Alaska for part of this summer, we appreciate its quality of silence even more. We are camped at Lodge lake about 2 mies from our resupply point, Summit Inn.  It is a well used site and we do our usual food hang for the prevention of feeding the local rodents.

Mileage 18 miles-Lodge Lake