WA PCT 2015

Sept. 15, 2015

We were hiking down thru the ski area by 8:00 seeing our destination, Summit Inn. Check in was not till after noon, but the clerk said she would try to get us in when the room was cleaned.  Our food boxes were waiting, Jeff had mailed them to us earlier. When Don went to get them he was amazed at the stacks of boxes still to be picked up. This was also the first time that we saw a bountiful hiker's box. Food and other items that hikers do not want to take is left for others to use.  We have heard stories of hikers doing their whole resupply from them. Probably quite possible here and there is a good selection of food for the taking. We grabbed a 2 pound bag of dried apricots.  There were a lot of hikers here, reacquainting themselves with friends from earlier days. Many of the hikers were doing laundry at the only machine in the hotel. We were fortunate to squeeze in a load without needing to wait too long. We were given our room and had three main tasks . Drying out our gear, taking baths and getting organized for the next section. We also managed to recharge all of our electronics. A hamburger at the local inn helped to satisfy our appetite . There is rain being predicted in the morning, but we are as usual planning on being on the trail early. We had thought about getting breakfast here, but it was not going to be open as early as we wanted to start so we opted to have our favorite cold cereal meal in the room. A coffee pot worked nicely for Don to have his early morning cup.

Mileage 2 miles - Summit Inn