WA PCT 2015

Sept. 6, 2015

We have enough room in our tent for our packs so packing up in the mornings even in the rain is great. We had a break in the rain so we were even able to take down an almost dry fly. I (Donna) have a very sore knee and ankle. My ankle hurts because of how I am walking due to my knee. Now I am talking to tell myself to walk normally. This pain thing is no fun. We recently read Unbroken and have told ourselves that we need to suck it up. We stopped at Bear Lake, which was a beautiful blue color, for a hot breakfast. A large tree helped shelter us from the rain. The trail is almost kind to us this morning as we have been mostly on flat terrain.We met a man called Just Larry who was doing short sections of the trail. He had heard that the Mt. Adams section may be open when we arrive there. We are planning on camping at Trout Creek tonight and should be there late afternoon. The last downward section was quite painful for me so I opted to go down backwards. Now that is slow moving. Don went ahead and found a nice site for camp. We set up the tent and then we both hobbled down to the stream to soak the sore body parts. Not sure if we are having fun yet. The cold water feels great and a longer break tonight should help with some of the body healing. A meal of soup, applesauce , chocolate and strawberries put us in a good frame of mind. We tried calling Jeff, but with all the tall trees around we were not able to get reception. Not much sun today, and by afternoon the rain had mostly stopped. We were in bed by 7:30

Mileage 19 miles-Trout creek