WA PCT 2015

Sept. 7, 2015

Decided to take some Ibu this morning. I am moving a little faster, Don is moving a little slower.  At a logging road we were able to call to Jeff and ask him for some needed items.This is our only supported resupply. The rest will be in small towns. We made it to the road at about 9:00. The sun was shining so we took this opportunity to dry out our damp gear,  A large sign on the other side of the road said Trail closed. There were only rumors of when it might be opened so we opted to have Jeff drive around the closed 22 mile section. There were trail angels that were driving hikers to the next trailhead. Some though had opted to walk the 22 miles of paved and gravel roads.  Two of them, were Switchfoot and Not Yet.  We also met Siren who had skipped Oregon due to an injury and was hiking WA before returning to finish in Oregon.  Jeff arrived with all the asked for goodies and more. Thankfully he agreed that he would take us around the closed section. The drive was about 24 miles, but it was quite slow going with washboard and narrow stretches. It took us over 2 hours. We passed several of the road walkers, wished them well and secretly were glad to be in the car. Jeff dropped us off and began the drive back to Beaverton. When we talked to him that night he told us that he had picked up several hikers on his return. The ecosystem is different now. We are higher up and out of the large trees. Not wanting to hike far today, taking a nero (near zero day) seemed appropriate. After a short 3 mile jaunt,. we found a pond and a nice flat campsite. The fall colors were reflected by the water of the pond. It was a relaxed afternoon consisting of napping and map reading. About 7 thru hikers passed our camp today. A meal that Jeff and Carolina made for us in SanDiego was oh so good. Tomorrow we want to make it over Ciprus Pass which should put us hiking over Goat Rocks in good weather. Ryan made it back to San Diego with his sailboat.  He had some work done in Ensenada. Always nice to know when the kids are back safely.

Mileage 9 miles-3 miles from meadow trail head