WA PCT 2015

Sept. 8, 2015

We started a new activity last night.  We are taking turns reading the Martian. Looking forward to reading about all of his challenges and how he overcomes them. I also read a section from one of John Muir’s books.  He wrote that his life in God’s wilderness has blessed him so much and when he dies if heaven is not what he believes that is okay as he has been blessed here. We were up around 5:15 and on the trail by 6:20.The skies are clear and the day is warm. We ate a bar and then hiked to a small pond where we had breakfast around 9. Lunch was at Sheep Lake where we talked to a hiker that had been out for the week. He said that Goat Rocks was difficult and he recommended going over the area in the morning.  That sounded good to us. It was hot on some parts of the trail today. We had great views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainer,  We went over the pass and opted for a great campsite with a 360 degree view. There were over 50 Mountain Goats eating and playing in our view tonight.   Switch foot and Not Yet passed our camp about 6:30. There was a little smoke in the air tonight.

Mileage16-north of Ciprus Pass