WA PCT 2015

Sept. 16, 2015


It was a short walk down to the trailhead on the highway. We even walked under the interstate and listened to the cars speeding along. Glad that we were going to be going at a whole different pace. Several hikers were still in their tent at the trail head. We would be meeting them as they passed us later in the day. This next section is known for its beauty and ruggedness. We were not disappointed by the views and continuing to keep a steady pace works for us.  The rain did not fall as predicted and the fall colors made for a great contrast to the mountains.  There was a section of trail called Kendalls Catwalk.  Horse riders were advised to walk their horses thru this section as a step near the edge could be fatal. At one point we heard a jet in the distance and then saw a military jet flying below us thru the valley at a high speed. Not sure if this was even legal.  This is a popular day hike area, as well as a short section hike.  One couple we met was out for the day. He had hiked this section several years ago and wanted to share it with a friend. This area had been one of his favorites. We also met a man heading southbound. He was just out for the week. After the customary questions, we learned that he had lived in Alaska. With a little more inquiry, we discovered that he was Elvis of Mt. Marathon fame. His trail name is ICAR (Crazy Alaskan runner). Other hikers that we pass and then are passed are Pongo, Shade, Pop Tart, Slug and Chia Pet. They have been traveling as a group. Slug had met Jeff when he was picking people up on the road walking around the fire Trail closure. This is a beautiful section especially with the weather we are having. It was a half mile hike to a camp near Lake Spectacle. Usually we do not go off trail to camp, but this lake was calling us to share its beauty. When we arrived there was another person camping across a small finger of the lake.  He said I think that we have found heaven.

Mileage Hiked 18 miles- Spectacle Lake