Baja 2016

Jan. 25, 2016

The moon was still giving us light when we awoke and prepared for our departure. A little swell was hitting the shore, but the seas were relatively calm beyond that. The beach was steep so I was able to do a seal launch by just sliding into the water. As we were departing, we heard the coyote giving us a yip. Perhaps it was saying adios. Sightings today included a flock of snow egrets, flying by with their yellow feet stretched out. There were more turtles and an osprey sitting on a very old nest on top of a cardon cactus. A very large whale presented us with a spy hop and then a rocky island was filled with cormorants and sea lions. The sea lions preformed by jumping in and out of the water. It was if they were putting on a show or more likely just having fun on this beautiful day.  The seas remained calm till early afternoon.  We were nearing Punta Corrales so decided to look for a campsite before rounding the point. When we found one that would work, we headed in and made a cozy camp. By now the wind was blowing around 15 knots and after having put in a long day yesterday, we were glad to stop. Donna washed the salt out of her clothes. It is not long lasting but will feel good tomorrow. Today we paddled about 20 miles. This time of year, it seems like it is always good to move when you can, According to the weather forecast, the wind will pick up tonight. A morning check will determine if we stay or go.