Baja 2016

Feb.15, 2016

During the night the blowing wind was obvious as our noisy tent woke us up. Do not think we will be on the water today. Sure enough as it was light enough to see the white caps and swells were in force. We decided to take down the tent and move up the arroyo where we could make breakfast out of the wind. Found a great spot and had a leisurely breakfast, mostly in the shade. Don took a walk up the arroyo and came back with report of a wild fig that had sent its roots far below its trunk. Also spotted a small bird called a Verdin. Donna made a yeast dough and is watching it rise in the warm sun. Baking is so much fun in Baja. Afternoon was devoted to diving,watching the water and doing some reading. An update of a weather forecast called for strong winds again tomorrow. We need to stop in Santa Rosalie and  get water plus a little food. Our first choice is not to spend the night there so are hoping for a weather forecast that will get us beyond the town. Tomorrow does not sound good for that. We are okay about staying here, the diving is good so will go again tomorrow. The Santa Annas are blowing strong up North which is a good indicator of the weather we are having.